5 Free Attached Carport Plans

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If you have a house and a car, you probably think about building a shelter so you protect your vehicle from the elements. If you live in a windy area or there are lots of precipitations in your county, you should consider building a carport. You can choose from lots of types and designs, making sure you select the free carport plans that really suit your needs. In this list, I have selected only attached carport plans that come with very detailed instructions and diagrams. While these plans do not replace the need of a building permit, they represent an useful read and a good starting point.

An attached carport comes with many advantages. First of all, being attached to your house, you will find it a lot more convenient to get in the house, especially in the cold or snowy days. In addition, in most of the cases, building a carport attached to the house is a lot cheaper than making a free standing structure from scratch. There are always local building codes to comply with, so I really suggest you take a look over them before starting the construction process. I have selected the best plans for an attached carport on the internet. Here they are:



5 Free Attached Carport Plans



1. Attached Carport Plans from MyOutdoorPlans.com


The first project on my comprehensive list comes from MyOutdoorPlans. They have designed this amazing attached carport that can be built, according to them, in just one weekend, if you already have all the materials on the construction site. As you can see in the image, the roof of the carport has a nice slope so it can drain the water in a professional manner. In addition, the side trellis protect the car from the elements and add an unique appeal to your yard. The plans provided by MyOutdoorPlans come with step by step instructions, a cut list and lots of useful diagrams. Read More >>


2. Free Attached Carport from GardenPlansFree.com

Building an attached carport

The next project on my list is a super simple plans designed by GardenPlansFree. If you are the kind of guy or gal that is all about saving money or time, you should take a look over these plans, as they did an awesome job making a basic project that will add value to your life, while costing a fraction of let’s say a carport kit. The roof is made from 1×6 slats, so it is the ideal choice if you like a rustic and authentic look. GardenPlansFree provides a cut list, diagrams and many instructions. Read More >>


3. Build a simple attached carport with detailed plans from HowToSpecialist

How to build an attached carport

A similar plan to the previous one can be found on HowToSpecialist.com This attached carport looks really sturdy and it also provides all the information you need to now before starting the actual construction process. Therefore, if you want to find more and have a super detailed list with the materials and tools required for the job, make sure you check this plan out. Read More >>


4. How to build an attached carport from FMuller.com


This is one cool project, I must say that with my hand on my heart. I have spent about an hour taking a look over all the diagrams and reading the step by step instructions they share. If you are an average DIY-er and have a similar house, you won’t waste your time reading about this guy’s experience while building the addition. It is a very interesting article, I truly recommend you to read. Read More >>


5. Plans and Tutorial on Building an Attached Carport from ExtremeHowTo.com


Last but not least, I have found this project that also comes with some basic plans for building a sturdy attached carport. As you can see in the image, this project is ideal if you have to store a bout or a couple of ATVs. While the plans are not extraordinary, I still consider this project a must read for anyone wanting to make a wooden carport.


DIY Lean to Carport – Video!


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