8 Free Carport Plans

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If you are like me, you like to keep your possessions in a good condition. Having your car in a good condition is a great thing, as it is more than a hobby, it a question of being safe. Therefore, what better way is there to keep your car protected from the elements than building a wooden carport. I say wooden carport, as it is something anyone can make in just a few days without much effort, if the right plans are used. In this list, I have gathered the best and most detailed free standing plans on the internet, for one, two or even three cars.

As you will see, I selected carport plans with different sizes and designs, so you can make the right choice for your needs. Just browse through the plans and adjust them to suit your needs and budget. There are always local building codes to comply with, so I really suggest you take a look over them before starting the construction process. I have selected the best plans for an attached carport on the internet. Here they are:



8 Free Carport Plans



1. Simple Free Standing Carport from MyOutdoorPlans


First on the list is a nice project from MyOutdoorPlans. This site has been around for many many years and it is a trust worthy source for easy to build woodworking projects. Continuing their tradition of providing really simple plans for all budgets and experience levels, they have designed this straight forward carport with a gable roof that can shelter one car. If you are a person that puts an emphasis on value and this basic designs match the style of the rest of your backyard, you should really give it a shot. They provide step by step diagrams, instructions and a detailed cut list. Read More >>


2. Lean to carport from HowToSpecialist


The next carport project on my list comes from HowToSpecialist. When searching for free carport plans on the internet I run into this project and after seeing the level of details and the useful instructions, I had to share it with you. This single car carport has a lean to shed with a good slope, so you don’t have to worry about it not being able to drain the water in a professional manner. You can fit lattice panels to the sides of the carport as privacy screens or just to better protect your car from bad weather, dust and leafs. Read More >>


3. Single Car Carport with Gable Roof Plans from MyOutdoorPlans


Another awesome project on this list from MyOutdoorPlans. When you thought they can’t surprise you anymore with carport plans, the guys at MyOutdoorPlans did it again! What a beautiful design for this carport with gable roof. If you are all about style you should take a look over the instructions they provide on the site. The plans come with lots of instructions, diagrams and a complete cut list. If you want to print the plans or to save them in a PDF file, you can using their widgets. Read More >>


4. Flat Roof Carport Plans from MyOutdoorPlans


If you live in an area with low precipitations and no snow, you can consider building this awesome flat roof carport. This project requires a low amount of work and preparation, especially with the straight forward instructions.  Read More >>


5. Flat Roof Carport from BuildEazy


BuildEazy designed this simple carport with an almost flat roof. They provide many detailed diagrams and instructions, as well as a metric version. However, if you want a nice printable version of the plans you need to pay a small amount of money to have all the plans saved in a nice PDF file. All in all, considering it is free, the plans are accurate and provide useful information for anyone who want to build a carport. Read More >>


6. Double Carport from MyOutdoorPlans


If you have two cars, then you need to look at these plans for a double carport. The best thing about this project is that you can use this structure as an outdoor pavilion when you are not using it for the cars. In this manner, you can create a nice outdoor pavilion for the summer and a nice carport for the rainy and snowy winter days. You can’t get any better than this you might think. But there is more… the plans come with step by step instructions and with a super detailed cut list. Read More >>


7. Triple Carport From MyOutdoorPlans


Three cars are always better than one, so you need to also take a look over these plans. The guys at MyOutdoorPlans took things to a whole new level with these plans, as they are as detailed and accurate as you can get. The roof has a nice gable shape and it can drain water in a super efficient manner. If you don’t have 3 cars yet, you can still make the most of the space by creating a small storage area on one side of the space. Read More >>


8. Lean to Carport from GardenPlansFree


One of the last projects on my list comes from GardenPlansFree. They came up with this interesting design and project, so if you are curious about their own vision on building a carport, you need to check the full plans on their site. The lean to roof has a moderate slope, so you can combine both the need for a good drainage with the ones for a nice design. Read More >>


9. Single Carport Plans – PDF metric & imperial 


10. Flat roof carport for one car – PDF metric


11. Lean to Carport Plans

Lean to carport plans

Lean to carport plans

Yet another carport with a lean to roof, but don’t go till you find out the whole story. This carport has a really sturdy 6×6 frame and a 2×6 roof structure. This is a carport that look really well without any panels or other additions. Make sure you check out the full plans on MyOutdoorPlans.com. Read More >>


12. Carport with Storage Plans



If you need to build a carport for your car and a small garden shed but you run out of backyard space or pocket fuel (haha), you could combine them two into one single structure and build this awesome carport with storage. This is a one car carport with a gable roof and a small shed attached to the back. The plans come with everything you need to know, so don’t be shy, take up the plunge and start building. Read More >>


13. 20×40 RV Carport Plans



If you have a large RV and you want to build a simple shelter for it, you should pay attention to these plans. The guys at GardenPlansFree.com provide compelling plans for building this carport, meaning detailed diagrams, step by step instructions and a super detailed cut list. A shopping list is also included in the plans, making you planning job really easy. All in all, this plan has convinced me and I really recommend it if you are in the market for a motorhome carport. Read More >>


14. 10×16 Carport Plans


GardenPlansFree has a neat tutorial on how to build a nice 10×16 lean to carport. This is a compact carport so don’t expect this to work with a large truck or car. The plans come with diagram, materials list and a super detailed cut list. Read More >>


15. Carport with Storage Plans

This is a bonus project, because it’s more than a carport, it is a garage. Here in my garage… I keep my car hopefully. However, this is garage that can be easily converted to a workshop, as it has an easy access through the side, using the 3′ door.


15. Large Lean to Carport Plans

12x24 Carport - front view

12×24 Carport – front view

The guys at GPF have this wonderful design on how to make a large lean to carport that features a sturdy 6×6 framing and generous dimensions. This carport is large enough for any type of car. You can add lattice to the sides of the carport and create enough shade for the car and thus protect it from the elements. If you live in an area with heavy, heavy snows, you might want to change the pitch of the carport to something steeper. Read More >>



Thank you for reading my list with all these awesome free carport plans and I hope you will find my work useful. Don’t forget to take a look over the rest of my articles and please consider sharing my posts with your friends, by using the social media widgets. It would really mean a lot for me!


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