4 Free Double Carport Plans

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If you have two cars it is a tough decision to choose which one you park outside and which one you park under the carport. If you care about your both cars equally and if space is not a problem, you should consider building a nice double carport. There are many designs and shapes you can choose from when building a 2 car carport, so you should take a close look over the whole list before setting for one.

A double carport might look as a complex project, but with the right plans, you can get the job done in a few days, with the help of a few handy friends. Just browse through the plans and adjust them to suit your needs and budget. There are always local building codes to comply with, so I really suggest you take a look over them before starting the construction process. I have selected the best plans for a double carport on the internet. Here they are:



4 Free Double Carport Plans



1. Flat Roof Double Carport Plans from MyOutdoorPlans


The first project on the list is about a double carport with a flat roof. If you put an emphasis on the design of the carport, you should really pay attention to these plans. This carport looks both modern without being strident. In addition, I have to mention that if you live in an area with heavy snows, this is not the project for you, as the low angle of the roof will not allow the snow to fall to the ground. The plans from MyOutdoorPlans come with everything you need to know for a professional result, starting with a cut list up to useful tips and diagrams. Read More >>


2. Double Carport with Gable Roof from HowToSpecialist


HowToSpecialist has designed this awesome double carport that can shelter two average cars without much difficulty. The carport has a nice gable roof, so you don’t have to worry about the style of your garden. This carport will blend in with the rest of the constructions and you can also use this project as an outdoor pavilion during the hot summer days. HowToSpecialists provide lots of useful information about building this double carport, as well as diagrams and a cut list. Read More >>


3. Triple Carport Plans from MyOutdoorPlans


If a double carport isn’t large enough for all your cars, you should consider building a shelter for 3 cars. MyOutdoorPlans have some very nice plans for a basic triple carport with a gable roof. You can make many adjustments to the original design, such as attaching lattice panels to the sides and to back of the carport. The panels would work as privacy screens or to further protect the carport from the elements and from leaves. If you are looking for a straight forward project, this is the one to look at. Read More >>


4. Basic Double Carport Plans from SimpleFreePlans


This carport has a hipped roof an can shelter two average SUV with plenty of room to open the doors, as stated by the designers. While the instructions and the diagrams aren’t very detailed, you can still put these free plans to good use, especially if you need to get a permit before starting the actual construction. Read More >>


5. Basic Gable Double Carport Plans


If you are the kind of guy/gal that doesn’t have time for lots of finishing touches and pretty details, I am sure these plans will help you get the basics of a double carport. As you can see in the image, this carport has a gable roof without front and back overhangs. The slope of the roof is high, so you shouldn’t have problems with the snow or with the heavy rain. In addition, the best part of these plans is that they come with everything you need from the ground up to the last steps: cut list, shopping list, diagrams, step by step instructions and lots of useful tips. I am convinced by these plans so I recommend you to take a look. Read More >>



6. Basic Double Carport Plans from SimpleFreePlans

This is a double garage, therefore you can fit 2 cars inside the structure. The guys providing the free plans made a super complete list with all the materials and tools needed for the job.



Thank you for reading my list with all these awesome double carport plans and I hope you will find my work useful. Don’t forget to take a look over the rest of my articles and please consider sharing my posts with your friends, by using the social media widgets. It would really mean a lot for me!


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